Article in French: Leading the People side of Project Teams | Bâtir et accompagner la dynamique d’une équipe-projet : la boîte à outils RH (1 de 2) Visit Affaires RH

September 2013
This article illustrates an approach to manage the People side of project teams. An dynamic model aligned with specific management tools is presented.
Article in French: The project team does not work effectively…what can I do? L’équipe-projet ne tourne pas rondement... Que faire? (2 de 2) Visit Portail RH
L'Ordre des professionnels en ressources humaines du Québec

February 2014
Projects Teams represents dynamics entities which evolves through various phases : The launch; turbulence and change; progression and monitoring; high-performance and finally the project closing. This article describes a methodology to bring back project teams to performance and to better manage the people-side of project management.
Research in French : Human Capital and Performance | Capital humain et performance(s) Cadres théoriques et protocoles de mesure
Commission des partenaires du marché du travail et HEC - Montréal

April 2013
Research analyses the relationship between Human Capital and Organisational Performance. Nathalie Sabourin was involved in the review HR norms in Canada, Quebec and the US as well as analysis of the Investors in People Program in the UK.
Article in French : Animation de codéveloppement recherché ! Visit Portail RH
Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines du Québec

February 2014
This article describes the skills and abilities required to facilitate Professional Co-Development Learning Groups. The article answers the following questions :

- What is the role of a codevelopement facilitator?

- What are the skills and abilities required?

- How can we best choose a facilitator for our organization ?